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„You have the opportunity to be supported during the process of aircraft acceptance from the aircraft’s manufacturing to final delivery."

You would like to maximize or modernize your fleet?
Whether old or new, passenger, freighter or business aircraft - our Aircraft Acceptance service offers you a one-stop solution!


Based on our motto "Be Eased. Be Happy. BeOne" we assist you with the development of a preliminary contract and oversee the construction of your aircraft right from the first steps of production to the completion of payment and the ferry flight.


During this process we are supported by our international cooperation partners. Benefit from their longtime experience and extensive expertise.


Our Aircraft Acceptance service package is divided into four components.
It is your choice: Either you take advantage of the whole package or you may select a single component of the service offer.


1. Contractual and Financial Support

We gladly provide support and advice for all transactions and assist you in coordinating cotractual and financial affairs.
Based on our experience you can save a significant amount of time and money through exact and just in time planning.
For that reason we coordinate negotiations with banks, insurance companies, law and tax consultants, aviation authorities and operators for you.


2. Pre-Delivery Inspection

On behalf of our customers we perform required inspections based on the official valid work procedure of aircraft manufacturers. The inspection portfolio includes:

  • Section and Structure Inspection
  • Aircraft Assembly Inspection
  • Green Aircraft Inspection
  • BFE Parts Scheduling
  • Final Paint Inspection
  • Final Cabin Inspection
  • Document Review


3. Aircraft Acceptance and Delivery

We perform required inpections and provide additional services during the acceptance and delivery process:

  • Ground Check with walk around to check the external and internal appearance including the landing gear, the aircraft flaps, the sensors and the painting as well as the cabin, the cabin system, the cockpit and the cargo
  • Engine Run
  • Acceptance Flight
  • Document Review
  • Transfer of Title (TOT)
  • Ferry Flight


4. CAMO Engineering

Within the scope of our CAMO engineering support we establish and implement a custom-tailored maintenance program of your respective aircraft (-fleet).
Additionally, we support you in terms of aircraft data transfer and aircraft phase-in into the operator's used maintenance management system.
All country specific requirements by the respective National Aviation Authority will be checked for compliance in order to achieve an easy registration and approval process.
In addition to that we are pleased to conduct the registration and approval process on behalf of our customers.


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