Europe-wide standardization
of the business processes

Harmonization across interfaces

The task sounded like a challenge. And it was: a financial services provider with over 6,000 employees in 50 countries wants to standardize its business processes in a Europe-wide project. The requirement for company-wide documentation and quality assurance of processes was the use of ARIS.

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The path to the goal

An analysis of the potential for improvement was carried out at the start of the project. For this purpose, the existing documents and processes were viewed using business cases and transferred to a process map for an overview. This was followed by the creation of a project schedule and definition of milestones.

BeOne was responsible for planning, conducting and following up on workshops during the rest of the project. Based on the insights gained, the processes were simulated in ARIS and BeOne conducted a compliance analysis.

Challenge accepted and accomplished!

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    Documentation and validation of 30 core processes with the associated sub-processes (over 200 processes in total)
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    Harmonization and standardization of the core processes across the interfaces (integration of seven departments)
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    Process documentation as a basis for the subsequent introduction of activity-based costing and IT system (contract processing)
were involved
documented and validated
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