Process implementation for the management of permanently installed SIM cards in vehicles

A mobile phone connection and SIM card are required for the operation of vehicle-related services. In the case of permanently installed SIM cards (eSIM = embedded SIM), the contractual relationship exists between the vehicle manufacturer and the mobile phone operator. To use the smooth operation over the entire product life cycle BeOne Hamburg develops and implements the corresponding processes for an international automobile manufacturer.

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From definition to continuous optimization

The project starts with the complete definition of use cases and an interface analysis. Based on the information obtained, the processes are defined according to ITIL and a manual is created.

In the second phase, the processes for 2nd level support are established, including analysis and processing of forwarded incidents and problems.

The eSIM card management is continuously optimized by gradually implementing new processes into the ongoing operation (inclusion of new models, brands and mobile phone providers).

The results

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    Processes implemented for eSIM card management and optimized according to best practice
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Important for success

BeOne Hamburg has the right knowledge and IT tools to ensure smooth operations and the best possible results:

  • ITIL-based service management
  • Mobile communication technologies (2G – 4G)
  • Industry-specific processes (national and international mobile operators)
  • M2M platforms (depending on the mobile operator)
  • Ticket system for Incident and Problem Management (OEM)
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